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Thursday 18 July, 2019
B&B Montegallo
  Between culture and scenery, for an unforgettable stay!
B&B Montegallo Laura Cantatore
via Montegallo, 11 60027 Osimo ( AN) Italia
Tel. (+39) 071 7230363
Cell. (+39) 349 3104844
Cod. Fisc. CNTLRA66M63F205W
Tourist Routes

Tourist Routes

Portonovo, Numana e Sirolo | B&B Montegallo


Sirolo, Numana and Portonovo, renowned beaches at the foot of Mount Conero, already honored with the title of "Blue Flag", represent the best that...

Ancona, capoluogo delle Marche | B&B Montegallo


Ancona, a few miles from the B & B Montegallo, is the capital of the province and the Marche region.. Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, has...

Santuario - Loreto | B&B Montegallo


The beautiful town of Loreto, in the heart of the Marche countryside a few miles from the B & B Montegallo, owes its fame...

Auximum - Osimo | B&B Montegallo


3 km from the B & B Montegallo you can visit Osimo, placed in the high of a hill overlooking the valley of the...

Unità d'Italia - Castelfidardo | B&B Montegallo


Castelfidardo is on a hill between the valleys of the rivers and Aspio roller a few miles from the B & B Montegallo. Overlooking...

Giacomo Leopardi - Recanati | B&B Montegallo


Recanati, a few miles from the B & B Montegallo, located between the valleys of the rivers Potenza and Musone, on top of a...

Offagna e le Feste Medievali | B&B Montegallo


Offagna, in the immediate vicinity of the B&B Montegallo (2 km), It’s located around its ancient fortress fifteenth, on top of a hill. It’s among...

Civica Galleria del Figurino Storico - Osimo | B&B Montegallo


The owners of the B&B Montegallo, have created in Osimo the first museum in the Marche region in which the story is told in...

Business e shopping | B&B Montegallo


The location is really "useful": B&B Montegallo allows guests to be only a few miles from big shopping malls in Baraccola, the industrial and...