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Wednesday 1 February, 2023
B&B Montegallo
 between culture and scenery, for an unforgettable stay!
B&B Montegallo di Laura Cantatore
via Montegallo, 11 60027 Osimo ( AN) Italia
Tel. (+39) 071 7230363
Cell. (+39) 349 3104844
Email: info@bbmontegallo.com
Cod. Fisc. CNTLRA66M63F205W
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B&B montegallo

Suite | B&B Montegallo
Suite | B&B Montegallo

It’s name is inspired by the famous movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in which the actress Audrey Hepburn was the main character.

The suite is elegant and refined, and very bright: it has 3 beds with a spacious bathroom.

The total area is 25 square meters, that makes it ideal for the stay of families.

Not to mention the tranquility of the area, far from the chaos of the city; a place where guests can relax and recover in view of their commitments!

B&B Montegallo: a Bed and Breakfast with a quality of service or premises definitely comparable to that of a guest house or hotel, but with a very affordable price, often less than most of the B & B in the area! (See services and rates)

Suite | B&B Montegallo
Suite | B&B Montegallo
Suite | B&B Montegallo
Suite | B&B Montegallo
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    Eventi Concerto Jovanotti Ancona 2015 | B&B Montegallo Osimo
    Eventi Concerto Jovanotti Ancona 2015 | B&B Montegallo Osimo

    Jovanotti starts from Ancona again The 20th of June Lorenzo Cherubini will begin his tour from “Stadio del Conero” in the Marches capital city, as happened in 2013.

    And for the occasion, the singer returns with a new album, surely inspired by the trip between Italy and America, which led to the creation of “Lorenzo 2015 CC.”.

    Milan, Cortona, Paris, New York and Los Angeles were the production sites of the album, defined by Jovanotti himself as “free from any kind of conditioning, of fashion, of sounds of the past, and very instinctive”.

    You can already admire from the date of Ancona the huge stage of 80 meters, which will be the heart of a show, inspired by the greats of rock and roll as Springsteen and U2.

    From Sunday, June 7th Jovanotti will be in Ancona and simultaneously will start (for about two weeks) the official practice of the entire Tour in 2015.

    The concerts will be opened by the Italian rapper Salmo, defined by the same Jovanotti as “the most eclectic artist of the Italian hip hop movement”.

    Would you like to attend Jovanotti’s concert and stay in Ancona?
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