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Monday 27 March, 2023
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Auximum - Osimo | B&B Montegallo
Auximum - Osimo | B&B Montegallo

3 km from the B & B Montegallo you can visit Osimo, placed in the high of a hill overlooking the valley of the roller, a city rich in history.
“Auximum” (ancient Roman name of the city) with its massive walls was a thriving Roman colony, which hosted several times Pompey the Great and Julius Caesar, and was a witness of their clash and the end of the Republic.

Osimo today presents itself as an elegant city, rich in churches, just remember:
– Cathedral of S. Leopardo built in the fourth century in the highest part of the city and declared a national monument;
– The Church of St. Joseph of Cupertino built in 1744 in which they are admitted to the crypt and the urn of the saint;
– The Church of Our Campocavallo built between 1892 and 1913, a place of pilgrimage following the wonders of Madonna

And the many palaces, including:
– Palazzo Balleani Baldeschi built around 1890 that housed the old municipal headquarters;
– Palazzo Campana built in the seventeenth century. was the seat of the college and seminary and now houses the municipal library, the historical archive, the museum;
– Town Hall built in 1457 then in subsequent interventions, in the ground floor is the Municipal Antiquarium, a collection of tombstones, bases, headless statues;
– Gallo Palace, Palazzo Simonetti and Palazzo Sinibaldi.

A place of honor deserves the Teatro la Fenice New, opened in 1782 and then demolished for safety reasons in 1887 and rebuilt on a project. Canedi Bologna, today is a place of performances and cultural events in the city.

Osimo is also a city rich in culture with the Museum opened in 2000, the Diocesan Museum situated in the Cathedral of San Leopardo, the Museum of St. Joseph of Cupertino placed within the homonymous sanctuary and the Civic Gallery of Historical Figurine inaugurated in 2011 , in which the story is told in a fun way with the help of the soldier.

Osimo is also characterized by its mysterious caves, the Caves of Cantinone, a number of galleries and tunnels in the subsoil, it has an esoteric flavor and it is accessible for tourists today, where you can also admire engravings. Templars.

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