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Monday 27 March, 2023
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Civica Galleria del Figurino Storico - Osimo | B&B Montegallo
Civica Galleria del Figurino Storico - Osimo | B&B Montegallo

PROMO: throughout 2020, stays at B&B Montegallo will allow you to visit the Osimo Museum of the Toy Soldier for FREE!
The owners of the B&B Montegallo, have created in Osimo the first museum in the Marche region in which the story is told in a fun and alternative way, through the use of small soldiers as a teaching tool, to amuse the not only the youngest ones, but also their parents, to get them interested in this beautiful discipline called history.

In a charming atmosphere, you can retrace a particular historical path through miniature reconstructions, from the ancient people to the modern age, thanks to the explanations of the owner of B&B Montegallo, Gianluca Mengoni, lawyer and great scholar of history, who will guide visitors.

An ideal location, unique and absolutely exclusive to families and children guests of the B&B Montegallo!

For further informations:
Civic Gallery of Historical Figurine
Fonte Magna street, 10 60027 Osimo (AN)
Phone: 3474109169 – 800228800 (green number)

Would you like to spend your summer holidays in Osimo and visit the Civic Gallery of Historical Figurine?
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Portonovo, Numana e Sirolo | B&B Montegallo
Portonovo, Numana e Sirolo | B&B Montegallo

Sirolo, Numana and Portonovo, renowned beaches at the foot of Mount Conero, already honored with the title of “Blue Flag”, represent the best that the Marche coast has to offer, and more importantly, are only a few minutes from the B&B Montegallo!

Sirolo, between the blue sea and the green of the Monte Conero, presents itself as an elegant village nestled on a cliff overlooking the sea.
Almost all of its territory is part of the Regional Park of the Conero; is among the most important sites in Italy for birdwatching and rich in flora and fauna typical of the Mediterranean.
The beaches of Sirolo are eight: the beach of the Friars or Bo ‘, the Beach of Seagulls, Beach Forni, Beach Works, the beach of the veil, the “Sassi Blacks,” San Michele and Beach Urbani.

In the immediate vicinity is Numana, an ancient fishing village overlooking the Adriatic Sea and surrounded by green woods of the Conero Park, another great place to spend the summer holidays.
The historic center is on the part called “Numana high”, as the top of a rocky coast with cliffs along the sea, and you can define almost in continuity with the town of Ancona, while “Numana low” includes the area below the marina.
The beach at high Numana includes two bays formed near the cliff: the beach of the friars and Spiaggiola, while the beach of Numana low extends south of the port until the village of Marcelli.

Portonovo is a seaside resort in the town of Ancona, a well known tourist resort and artistic, looks out onto the bay.
In summer it is very popular with tourists for its beautiful beaches among which are: Mezzavalle Beach, Beach of Trave, Beach Sailing, Beach Sassi Bianchi, Beach of Seagulls, Beach of the Two Sisters.
Portonovo is also a site of great natural interest, for its two small lakes and the variety of wildlife that they have found their ideal habitat.

What would you like to spend your summer vacation in these beautiful places?
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Ancona, capoluogo delle Marche | B&B Montegallo
Ancona, capoluogo delle Marche | B&B Montegallo

Ancona, a few miles from the B & B Montegallo, is the capital of the province and the Marche region..
Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, has one of the most important Italian ports.
It is an Art city full of monuments and 2,400 years of history, is one of the main economic centers of the region, as well as its main urban center in size and population.

Founded by the Greeks who gave it the name of Ἀγκών (ANKON, elbow) since it is located on a promontory elbow shaped that protects the natural harbor, was throughout history an important Roman port and in the Byzantine, the crossroads of trade routes to the east.
Its location near the Monte Conero that opens onto the sea in a picturesque location, earned her the nickname Gateway to the East.
Often in conflict with Venice for supremacy of trade routes in the Adriatic Sea, was subsequently annexed the Papal States and was the scene of major battles during the Risorgimento and the unification of Italy in the decisive Battle of Castelfidardo on 18 September 1860.

Its landmarks are the Cathedral of San Ciriaco, overlooking the sea, whose Romanesque style blends with the Byzantine and the Passetto, a large terrace that offers breathtaking views of the Riviera del Conero. Impossible not to mention also the Arch of Trajan, the Citadel, the Lazaretto, the churches of Santa Maria della Piazza and S. Francesco alle Scale, all sites of great beauty and historical and cultural importance.

Also beautiful beaches, especially Portonovo, known seaside resort and artistic, looks out onto the bay, attracts thousands of tourists every year during the summer.

Would you like to spend your summer vacation in this beautiful location?
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Santuario - Loreto | B&B Montegallo
Santuario - Loreto | B&B Montegallo

The beautiful town of Loreto, in the heart of the Marche countryside a few miles from the B & B Montegallo, owes its fame to the sanctuary where it is preserved and venerated the Holy House of the Virgin Mary. This is a holy place, that the same Pope John Paul II has described as “true Marian heart of Christendom”.
The sanctuary has been for hundreds of years, and still is, one of the most interesting places of pilgrimage in the Catholic Christian world .
Throughout history has been visited by popes, by hundreds of saints and blessed, and by millions of pilgrims from around the world each year.

Archaeological and historical research have recently shown, in support of an ancient tradition, the Holy House is just the birthplace of Mary, once located in Nazareth, where he originally lived and received the Announcement Evangelical. The stones that made up the walls of the house, located in a cave carved into the rock – still venerated in Palestinian territory – were transported to Loreto by ship by soldiers crusaders.

From the second half of 1400 in Loreto, given the multitude of pilgrims visiting the holy relic, they began to build the magnificent sanctuary, with the competition in the years of illustrious artists and architects like Giuliano da Majano, Bramante, Sansovino, Vanvitelli, Bandinelli, Melozzo da Forlì, Signorelli – to name a few.

It ‘also important to remember the pilgrimage Macerata-Loreto since 1978, the year of its establishment in conjunction with the election of Pope John Paul II, sees tens of thousands of pilgrims arrive on foot to the shrine from Macerata.

Loreto is also a wonderful village which houses masterpieces of architecture, sculpture and painting as the paintings by Lorenzo Lotto kept in the “Ancient Treasure of the Holy House” Museum. Loreto, a city of art, to discover!

Would you like to spend your holidays in Loreto, between religion and art?
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Auximum - Osimo | B&B Montegallo
Auximum - Osimo | B&B Montegallo

3 km from the B & B Montegallo you can visit Osimo, placed in the high of a hill overlooking the valley of the roller, a city rich in history.
“Auximum” (ancient Roman name of the city) with its massive walls was a thriving Roman colony, which hosted several times Pompey the Great and Julius Caesar, and was a witness of their clash and the end of the Republic.

Osimo today presents itself as an elegant city, rich in churches, just remember:
– Cathedral of S. Leopardo built in the fourth century in the highest part of the city and declared a national monument;
– The Church of St. Joseph of Cupertino built in 1744 in which they are admitted to the crypt and the urn of the saint;
– The Church of Our Campocavallo built between 1892 and 1913, a place of pilgrimage following the wonders of Madonna

And the many palaces, including:
– Palazzo Balleani Baldeschi built around 1890 that housed the old municipal headquarters;
– Palazzo Campana built in the seventeenth century. was the seat of the college and seminary and now houses the municipal library, the historical archive, the museum;
– Town Hall built in 1457 then in subsequent interventions, in the ground floor is the Municipal Antiquarium, a collection of tombstones, bases, headless statues;
– Gallo Palace, Palazzo Simonetti and Palazzo Sinibaldi.

A place of honor deserves the Teatro la Fenice New, opened in 1782 and then demolished for safety reasons in 1887 and rebuilt on a project. Canedi Bologna, today is a place of performances and cultural events in the city.

Osimo is also a city rich in culture with the Museum opened in 2000, the Diocesan Museum situated in the Cathedral of San Leopardo, the Museum of St. Joseph of Cupertino placed within the homonymous sanctuary and the Civic Gallery of Historical Figurine inaugurated in 2011 , in which the story is told in a fun way with the help of the soldier.

Osimo is also characterized by its mysterious caves, the Caves of Cantinone, a number of galleries and tunnels in the subsoil, it has an esoteric flavor and it is accessible for tourists today, where you can also admire engravings. Templars.

Would you like to spend your holidays in this beautiful location?
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Unità d'Italia - Castelfidardo | B&B Montegallo
Unità d'Italia - Castelfidardo | B&B Montegallo

Castelfidardo is on a hill between the valleys of the rivers and Aspio roller a few miles from the B & B Montegallo. Overlooking the forest of the same name and is a few kilometers from the Riviera del Conero.

Historically, this town is famous for the battle of the September 18, 1860 between the Piedmontese army and the Papal States, resulting in the annexation of the Marches and Umbria to the Kingdom of Italy. In memory of this event you can visit the monument to General Cialdini to drive Piedmontese soldiers by the Venetian sculptor Vito Pardo.

Among the most famous squares of Castelfidardo there is Piazzale Don Minzoni, commonly called Porta Marina is the balcony of the city overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Characteristic bow, the main access route to the city.

Castelfidardo is recognized internationally as the home of the accordion. Paolo Soprani, a local craftsman, created the prototype of the instrument in the nineteenth century and founded one of the first Italian manufacturers. The International Museum of the Accordion of Castelfidardo hosts a collection consists of about 150 specimens that also includes tools such as a rare forerunners accordions cheng Chinese and Harmoniflute of 1836. It ‘also revived a faithful reconstruction of a workshop of the early twentieth century.

Monunenti and other places to visit are the Collegiate Church; Palazzo Mordini with the Historical Archive, the Museum of the Risorgimento and the Municipal Library; the church of St. Francis, today auditorum citizen; the church of S. Maria della Misericordia and the Gate of the Sun, also known as the Gate of the Sharpshooters.

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Giacomo Leopardi - Recanati | B&B Montegallo
Giacomo Leopardi - Recanati | B&B Montegallo

Recanati, a few miles from the B & B Montegallo, located between the valleys of the rivers Potenza and Musone, on top of a hill from which you can see the coast of Dalmatia in gionate sunny: it is considered one of the “balcony of the Marches”, for beautiful panorama offered to its visitors.

And speaking of Recanati, is almost impossible not to mention Giacomo Leopardi, the greatest poet of the nineteenth century and the Romantic Italian, one of the most authoritative figures of world literature, also considered an important philosopher for the thickness and depth of the reflections contained in his lyrics .
Recanati inspired many of the works of the poet, just think of the square of the “Saturday of the Village”, that could be seen a few meters from his home, at the hill of “The Infinite” on Mount Tabor, the tower’s “Lonely Sparrow” next the church of St. Augustine. Thousands of visitors come every year to Recanati, defined the World Centre of Poetry and Culture, to visit these places dear to the poet and his birthplace, Palazzo Leopardi, still inhabited by descendants of the poet and open to the public. The library of Casa Leopardi preserves more than 20,000 ancient books and incunabula, collected over the years by James and his father Monaldo.

Recanati has given birth also to another artist, Beniamino Gigli, which we feel is important to remember: the content is dedicated a museum which displays the clothes from the scene and the many memories of long and wonderful career.

Other sites of historical importance culturare that are possible to admire Recanati: the Civic Museum Villa Colloredo Mels, the Diocesan Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the painters of emigration, the Tomb of Beniamino Gigli and the Necropolis of Fontenoce, only to name a few.

Would you like to spend your holidays in Recanati, World Centre of Poetry and Culture?
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Offagna e le Feste Medievali | B&B Montegallo
Offagna e le Feste Medievali | B&B Montegallo

Offagna, in the immediate vicinity of the B&B Montegallo (2 km), It’s located around its ancient fortress fifteenth, on top of a hill.

It’s among the “most beautiful villages in Italy” and in May 2013 also owns the prestigious “Orange Flag”.

This magnificent village offers its tourists tradition and history, peace and rest, but also fun and frenzy. All this is summarized by the event for which Offagna is remembered by, the famous “Medieval Festival” taking place every summer in the last half of July. In the nights of July, the village comes alive and brings back to life the atmosphere of an era made of knights and ladies, war, love and magic, surrounded by the beauty of the banners, the harmony of ancient music and inspired by the arts. “Ludendo intelligo” is the motto that twenty-seven years accompanying the Medieval Festival: phrase was never more apropriate!

Other sites of historical and cultural interest that are possible to admire in Offagna are: the Museum of the Fortress of Offagna, the Museum of Natural Sciences Luigi Paolucci and the Museum of the Liberation of Ancona.

Do you want to relive the ancient medieval atmosphere in this beautiful village?
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Business e shopping | B&B Montegallo
Business e shopping | B&B Montegallo

The location is really “useful”: B&B Montegallo allows guests to be only a few miles from big shopping malls in Baraccola, the industrial and business area in the south of Ancona.

Here you can find also: IKEA, CARGOPIER, the CAVES CENTER, AUCHAN, GLOBE, DECATHLON, EURONICS malls, and a great number of restaurants and restaurant chains including MCDONALDS and AMERICAN GRAFFITI, all the major private companies and entertainment venues such as UCI CINEMA and many clubs and discos, just 2 minutes from the A14 motorway ( Ancona South exit). A useful location for those who want to spend the whole day doing shopping and having fun!

Due to the near to the center of Ancona and other important cities like Civitanova Marche, B&B Montegallo is therefore very convenient even for the guests engaged in so-called “business trips”.

Are you looking for a business trip or a holiday full of shopping and entertainment?
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