Portonovo, Numana and Sirolo, pearls of the Riviera del Conero

Portonovo, Numana and Sirolo, pearls of the Riviera del Conero

Portonovo, Numana e Sirolo | B&B Montegallo
Portonovo, Numana e Sirolo | B&B Montegallo

Sirolo, Numana and Portonovo, renowned beaches at the foot of Mount Conero, already honored with the title of “Blue Flag”, represent the best that the Marche coast has to offer, and more importantly, are only a few minutes from the B&B Montegallo!

Sirolo, between the blue sea and the green of the Monte Conero, presents itself as an elegant village nestled on a cliff overlooking the sea.
Almost all of its territory is part of the Regional Park of the Conero; is among the most important sites in Italy for birdwatching and rich in flora and fauna typical of the Mediterranean.
The beaches of Sirolo are eight: the beach of the Friars or Bo ‘, the Beach of Seagulls, Beach Forni, Beach Works, the beach of the veil, the “Sassi Blacks,” San Michele and Beach Urbani.

In the immediate vicinity is Numana, an ancient fishing village overlooking the Adriatic Sea and surrounded by green woods of the Conero Park, another great place to spend the summer holidays.
The historic center is on the part called “Numana high”, as the top of a rocky coast with cliffs along the sea, and you can define almost in continuity with the town of Ancona, while “Numana low” includes the area below the marina.
The beach at high Numana includes two bays formed near the cliff: the beach of the friars and Spiaggiola, while the beach of Numana low extends south of the port until the village of Marcelli.

Portonovo is a seaside resort in the town of Ancona, a well known tourist resort and artistic, looks out onto the bay.
In summer it is very popular with tourists for its beautiful beaches among which are: Mezzavalle Beach, Beach of Trave, Beach Sailing, Beach Sassi Bianchi, Beach of Seagulls, Beach of the Two Sisters.
Portonovo is also a site of great natural interest, for its two small lakes and the variety of wildlife that they have found their ideal habitat.

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